Even the Best Plans Change Days 29-32 of 100

plans change

Plans Change

Before the week began I knew that I needed to make a few changes to my plan because I was finding that I was spending so much time between my morning workout to the late nights working on the blog.  I had to reevaluate the reason that I was on this journey.   This journey is about my lifestyle becoming healthier and documenting it is secondary.   I love the accountability that writing about my journey gives me but when I am up late at night writing articles and, editing photos and promoting content  I am getting to bed later and later.

I decided that I needed more balance in what I was doing.   So I created a new schedule that made more sense to my life and gives me the ability to continue documenting this journey once school starts back in the Fall.   Here is what I came up with to help me better balance my responsibilities to myself and to the blog and my readers.

I printed out multiples of this spreadsheet to give myself a daily plan to help me stay organized and focused so that I can balance everything and still get to bed at a decent hour.  I have been going to bed anywhere from 6-11am  which isn’t healthy at all.  Even as I write this its 4:34am but the difference in this day and the rest of the week will be it will only happen once a week.  All the rest of the week my goal is to get to bed no later than midnight.

How do you strike that balance in your life?

plans change

So on Monday I spent the day hiking at McGee Creek state park which you may remember from my post last week.  Tuesday I headed to another hiking spot about an hour away from the city at Turner Falls it was just amazing.    As you can see from my schedule I didn’t do any weights on Tuesday.   On Wednesday was the day I finally decided to give up counting calories and I am happy to report that has gone swimmingly.   I have been more conscious about what I am eating but not obsessive which has really lowered my food related stress.   Thursday I went to aqua fit and then immediately went out to do my laps around the track.  Overall it was great to just enjoy the week.

Here are some pictures from Tuesday’s Hike at Turner Falls in the Arbuckle Mountains in Davis, OK



This is the 1 of 4 caves.


A view from the top!


This is one of the largest waterfalls in Oklahoma.  The waterfall spills into a pool where visitors can swim.


I spent most of my day trying to get a shot of the blue dragon fly.  Finally GOT IT!!!


This is an old stone building that they call the castle.  It took many flights of stairs to get up to it.


Here is the path that leads away from the castle.


Did you accomplish all that you hoped to accomplish last week?  Do you make a schedule to keep you on track?


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  1. 1

    Robin (Masshole Mommy) says

    I think a workout schedule helps! I can’t workout on my own – I need group classes to get me to actually do it, so I always have my schedule for the week written out.

    • 4


      I found that if I didn’t track what was happening in the groups life would take over and I would totally forget what I needed to do. My list makes it easy for me to glance at so that I know where I am at in my week.

  2. 9

    Paula Parker says

    I love the new scheduling. I need some organizing myself. I always count calories at the beginning of my journey and then quit. It’s great to kickstart my program, after a while, it’s not necessary. Great photos!

  3. 13


    I have a full time job and blog full time as a career and let me tell you, it’s hard! I’ve gotten to the point of hiring a writer and a publicist to help me free up my time. I spend a lot of my time writing late in the evenings, writing while at work, and on the weekends. But I will say it is all worth it since it has became a business now.
    Louida recently posted…Our Time at Zoo Atlanta #ZooAtlantaMy Profile

  4. 18


    I did not accomplish 50% of what i wanted to last week.. Life got in the way.. those are some great pictures, i like the running water stream..

  5. 20

    Marya says

    What a great chart hope it helps. I make a paper to-do list everyday, and that really helps me. Great pictures, by the way! Love them!

  6. 22


    You are so organized! I wish I was this good about my workouts/blogging…too much last minute stuff comes up to guarantee getting everything done each day

  7. 23


    I find that organizing my schedule really makes an effective daily routine.
    Your hiking pictures are awesome! That looks like so much fun.

  8. 29


    Gorgeous photos! Thanks for sharing your spreadsheet. Balancing two websites, 4 kids, exercise, and daily living has me waking up really early and going to be way too late. You’ve inspired me to organize it better. Thanks!

  9. 31


    Good luck with getting to bed earlier. I would love to be able to stay up longer than I do, but most days I’m tuckered out by the regular school-time bedtime hour my kids keep. Old age or habit, I’m not sure. :)

  10. 32

    Charity L. says

    Definitely with you on the balancing. I find myself spending way too much time. Though I do make sure I am on only certain hours, off before dinner and so on. But it ends up being time consuming.

  11. 34


    This is a fantastic idea! I love lists and I too have been up to the wee hours trying to make it all happen, with a full time job, a jewelry business and beginning to blog. I realized right away I had to be on top of things or I was going to fall into a hole I would never get out of! Thanks for the motivation! I also love your goal sidebar! Great idea to keep yourself accountable!!

  12. 35


    It’s so hard finding a good balance. I’ve found myself up later and later since summer started. I try to do my blogging after the kids go to bed or during quiet time. I’m also trying to get as many posts ready as possible right now so when I go back to school, I’ll have a stock of them ready for times when I don’t have the time to write new things.
    Anna recently posted…Mini Pulled-Pork Taco BoatsMy Profile

  13. 36

    maria says

    Creating a balance is a huge achievement for many mothers. I love your ideas that you have implemented!

  14. 41

    Ann Bacciaglia says

    I need to get better organized. Working full time, also have my own biz and being a single mom can be overwhelming at times.

  15. 43

    Maria Oller says

    I really admire how organized you are, I’m more the kind go with flow person and my exercise before getting pregnant was just walk around the park

  16. 46

    Amanda says

    Great idea. I love the schedule that you made. I found I had to do pretty much the same thing or I never get anything done.

  17. 48


    It’s really hard managing your fitness lifestyle especially if you have other chores but you seem to be organized enough to surpass the time management part. Being on a trek like you did is so refreshing.
    Franc Ramon recently posted…World Vision Run 2014My Profile

  18. 50


    You are super organized with your workouts. I am not a person that works out but instead I go for walks when it’s not too hot outside and I do yoga with my 4yr old son. That little castle building is super cute. I love stone or brick buildings as they look so much older and real.
    Kimberly recently posted…Saturday at The Shark Reef AquariumMy Profile

  19. 53

    Misty Battle says

    I need to create a balance as well. It is just hard with 6 kids out for the summer. I don’t have enough hours in the day for everything. I find usually in the summer I slack on blogging more, because I am spending more time with the family. Those are wonderful photos. If we had a place like that around here I would be more apt to go walking.

  20. 54

    Rebecca Swenor says

    Gorgeous pictures and the schedule is what i need to do on a daily basis. I have yet to master the time in my day. Thanks for sharing.

  21. 55

    Ralff Dizon says

    That is an awesome place, and a great place to unwind and relax too. Your so organize when it comes to schedule. Thanks for sharing.

  22. 57


    What a beautiful place! I wish I was that organized! lOl It stresses me out though! I’m more of a loose schedule kind of girl – I have my to do list on a notepad and it gets done at some points during the day!

  23. 65

    teresa mccluskey says

    I tend to use my blog as a job, 8 hrs a day and then with the kids the rest but my 8 hrs are not all at once!

  24. 67


    I love this place! It looks so pretty and relaxing. Waterfalls are my favorite thing when it comes to nature. I wish I could have a set up schedule. Truth is that my day circles around my kids and what they need, and my priorities for work and fitness always come second. Many times they don’t even happen because Im busy with them.
    Dee T
    HauteFrugalista recently posted…Makeup That Can Take The HeatMy Profile

  25. 68


    Wow haha my life sure is not really balanced! I have actually also made a spreadsheet of the routines I currently practice every day and found out the percentage of time I spend working is too long. I don’t know how to make it any less.

  26. 69

    Kristen says

    I am truly impressed that you keep a spreadsheet. It is important to get everything done that you want….But also important to enjoy yourself.

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