Even the Best Plans Change Days 29-32 of 100

plans change

Plans Change

Before the week began I knew that I needed to make a few changes to my plan because I was finding that I was spending so much time between my morning workout to the late nights working on the blog.  I had to reevaluate the reason that I was on this journey.   This journey is about my lifestyle becoming healthier and documenting it is secondary.   I love the accountability that writing about my journey gives me but when I am up late at night writing articles and, editing photos and promoting content  I am getting to bed later and later.

I decided that I needed more balance in what I was doing.   So I created a new schedule that made more sense to my life and gives me the ability to continue documenting this journey once school starts back in the Fall.   Here is what I came up with to help me better balance my responsibilities to myself and to the blog and my readers.

I printed out multiples of this spreadsheet to give myself a daily plan to help me stay organized and focused so that I can balance everything and still get to bed at a decent hour.  I have been going to bed anywhere from 6-11am  which isn’t healthy at all.  Even as I write this its 4:34am but the difference in this day and the rest of the week will be it will only happen once a week.  All the rest of the week my goal is to get to bed no later than midnight.

How do you strike that balance in your life?

plans change

So on Monday I spent the day hiking at McGee Creek state park which you may remember from my post last week.  Tuesday I headed to another hiking spot about an hour away from the city at Turner Falls it was just amazing.    As you can see from my schedule I didn’t do any weights on Tuesday.   On Wednesday was the day I finally decided to give up counting calories and I am happy to report that has gone swimmingly.   I have been more conscious about what I am eating but not obsessive which has really lowered my food related stress.   Thursday I went to aqua fit and then immediately went out to do my laps around the track.  Overall it was great to just enjoy the week.

Here are some pictures from Tuesday’s Hike at Turner Falls in the Arbuckle Mountains in Davis, OK



This is the 1 of 4 caves.


A view from the top!


This is one of the largest waterfalls in Oklahoma.  The waterfall spills into a pool where visitors can swim.


I spent most of my day trying to get a shot of the blue dragon fly.  Finally GOT IT!!!


This is an old stone building that they call the castle.  It took many flights of stairs to get up to it.


Here is the path that leads away from the castle.


Did you accomplish all that you hoped to accomplish last week?  Do you make a schedule to keep you on track?



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