An Excursion in Xersion by JcPenney Day 29 of 100

xersion by jcpenney

Last week was a bit of a bust because I got it in my head that I was superwoman or something and went kinda crazy with my workout.  I ended up hurt early in the week and didn’t do anything the rest of the week.  So this week I had to revise my plan to something that wouldn’t put me out of commission.   I will talk more about my revised plan in another post later this week.

Today however I want to talk about Xersion by JcPenney which is their exclusive active wear line.  They have some amazing pieces.   I was sent a number of pieces and I was so inspired that I decided to pack up and go for a hike.  If you have been around the site for a while you will know that I have been on a mission to hike Oklahoma.  I have hiked all over from Yosemite, to trails in Washington to right here in Oklahoma.

I am an avid hiker and thought that it would be awesome to go on an excursion while rocking my Xersion by JcPenney active wear.  With my bag packed (camera equipment and all), cooler filled with lots of water, lunch and snacks I filled up the tank and headed to Atoka, OK where McGee Creek State Park is located.

moore to atoka

After traveling for what seemed like forever I finally made it to my destination.  Excited and ready to being my journey and put my new Xersion gear to the test.

mcgee creek state park

So what makes Xersion by JcPenney so special?

  • UV Protection
  • Stretch
  • Compression (fitted capri’s)
  • quick-dri
  • no chafe seams (tank)

I was sold as soon as I heard no chafe seams because a couple of weeks ago I had a very nasty chaffing situation after a really long walk.  Let me just say that Xersion totally lived up to my expectations.  I was out hiking for hours and was remained 100% comfortable the entire time I was out on the trails.


Here I am wearing the Barcode Tee($24) and Fitted Capris ($30).  I got some pretty amazing shots to be going it alone just me and my tripod.








Here I am wearing the Screen Tank Top ($20) and Tricot Shorts ($24) in Aruba Pink


Xersion by JcPenny Tank and Tricot Shorts


It was truly an amazing day with only a few bumps along the way.  I spent a good 20 mins lost and then while trying to snap a photo I stumbled upon a nest of spiders ( I had no clue that spiders had nest).   Of course in the spirit of sharing my outtakes check out my discovering the spiders as I was about to place my hand right on them exactly when the camera took the picture.

ahhh spiders

Here is the nest of spiders I almost placed my hand into!

freaked out

Here is my reaction as soon as the camera snapped!

Do you have an interesting hiking story or a run in with nature?   Have you ever tried Xersion by JcPenney?  If not JcPenny is currently running a sale of 40% off activewear!


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