Saving My Back with Airbac + Giveaway

saving my back with aribac

If you have read my blog for any amount of time you would know that I am a nursing student and with that comes the job of toting around a ton of nursing textbooks. All those textbooks were not only making my eyes hurt but also my body.
When Airbac approached me about trying out one of their backpacks I was excited as you can imagine. After reading up on their bags and all of their great features I knew this was the bag for me.
Did You Know

Airbac is designed to alleviate the pressure and stress on a person’s upper and lower back caused by excessive backpack weight.

Excessive backpack weight stuck out to me and got me to thinking about how much weight I was actually carrying around on my back and the damage it was doing to my back. So naturally that curiosity lead me to my bathroom scale with all of my books, laptop and stethoscope in hand.

Here is what I discovered…
I have been carrying around an extra 29lbs of weight on my back.  That extra weight was really putting a strain on my shoulders and my back.  If you thinking I am joking about carrying all of these books ask your friendly nursing student or someone in a medical program.

heavy books

So what makes Airbac so special?

Airbac has a pateneted air support system that not only provides cushioning for your back but it also protects valuables like your laptop.  This is a major selling point for me because I have to carry my laptop with me everywhere for school.

Airbac’s backpacks come in many different stylish designs.  I personally love the brown leather called the “Uptown” Airbac because it feels like a more sophisticated backpack since I am an almost 30 something nursing student.  Airbac also makes bags for school, business, travel, sports, cameras, and cheer with designs that would appeal to just about anyone.

As someone who hopes to go on and help others take care of themselves let me share a few facts with you about the damage that wearing a heavy backpack can do to you and/or your children.

  • Carrying a heavy pack changes the way kids walk and increases the risk of falling, particularly on stairs or other places where the backpack puts the student off balance. KidsHealth
  • The doctor  [Dr. David Marshall] says the excess weight put kids at risk of lower back pain, shoulder and neck injuries, and even headaches. My Fox Atlanta
  • Backpack straps can apply pressure to the blood vessels and nerves in your child’s shoulder and neck. The pressure can cause pain and tingling in his arms, hands, legs and neck. Well-padded straps can prevent too much pressure, according to the American Occupational Therapy Association. Livestrong
  • Computer bags, also called messenger bags, are gaining popularity among students. These bags only have one strap slung over the shoulder. Experts recommend backpacks with two straps, which distribute the weight more evenly.
    (I am guilty of this,  I carried many of those books in a messenger bag for my 1st two semesters of nursing school)  WRAL

So in an effort to save your back Airbac is giving away an Airbac to one lucky reader of this blog.  So enter below for your change to win.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. 3

    teresa mccluskey says

    This sounds like a really great bag! I have really bad back pain maybe this can help me!

  2. 11


    What a great giveaway! My sister was just telling about this problem with kids and their back packs. She saw it on the tv. I guess it a pretty prevalent problem.

  3. 13

    Jessica Peeling says

    When summer ends, I will again be wearing a heavy bookbag every day for med school.. ugh!

  4. 19


    This would be great for me. I rarely leave the house for extended periods of time without taking business supplies and even my laptop with me. I also plan to get some mountain hiking in over the summer, so this would be helpful for those trips as well. Thanks for sharing your review of the product and for the giveaway. :)
    Tiffany Hathorn recently posted…My Chronicle BooksMy Profile

  5. 23


    30 lbs of books! Wow your poor back!
    Amazing how there is now such a backpack. Ideal for a traveler like me who brings back tons of souvenirs!

  6. 24

    Jan Messali says

    I carry a very heavy backpack full of ‘baby items,’ when we take our grandson on outings. This sounds like a great solution to an aching back. :) I think it would also be perfect for traveling.

  7. 26

    Daisy says

    This is such an awesome kids! Especially, when I have to carry so many books around.

  8. 28

    maria says

    I need this!! I just started school again and have a hard time with my backpack and books.

  9. 30

    Jim says

    Carrying groceries! Some (or sometimes many) of my neighbors are content to push a cart the block from the grocery store. Not me. I will instead bring a back pack and put 50-100 pounds on my back and the rest in bags I carry. It is brutal on my lower back.

  10. 33

    Eric R says

    Hiking with camera gear to take a photo of a remote place and having a lot of weight strapped to my back.

  11. 37

    Robin (Masshole Mommy) says

    That is a nice looking backpack! My hubby has back pain, so i would love to get him one!

  12. 39

    Rebecca Swenor says

    I can relate to the heavy backpack because I was going to school for a lab tech and had some really thick books and it was so much weight on my back along with my shoulders. I would feel the burning between my shoulder blades actually. Thanks for the giveaway.

  13. 43

    Laura Richardson says

    I feel for you! I’m a Business student and have two kiddos so when I leave the house I have a heavy backpack, a diaper bag, and a backpack for daycare all on my back and a car seat with the babes on one arm. By the end of the day I feel like I drop 50 lbs off of my body when I finally put it all away!

  14. 46

    Anne Derkat says

    This would be for one of my grandsons who I hope will be spared back pain if they win this backpack.

  15. 48


    Of course, as a student I carried a heavy backpack. I am more concerned with my daughter, who will be having scoliosis surgery very soon, finding a backpack that will help her be more comfortable.
    Karen recently posted…ScoliosisMy Profile

  16. 50

    Don Purdum says

    The worse part is that if your back hurts and you have to sit in class, it makes it even harder to pay attention to the instruction. Sounds like you may have a great solution here.

  17. 55

    Judy C (Judy Cowan) says

    Wish I had one like this when I was in nursing school, I know exactly the extra weight of books you are talking about. Now this would come in handy for when we go hiking and have to carry a bunch of items with us.

  18. 56

    Natalie says

    I used to carry a bunch of heavy textbooks and my laptop and the weight of the straps dug into my collar bone.

  19. 57

    melanie Borhi says

    I am hopefully going to St Lawrence College in the fall this year I would love to when this bag because I know I will have a ton of textbooks to have to carry and it will help decrease the pain of having a full load on my back, in the past I’ve had that problem

  20. 62

    Sandi Tymchuk says

    My education was pre-internet, so carrying around 20-30 lbs of notes and textbooks required a sturdy backpack with padded straps. Less effective backpacks would trigger trapezius strain and headaches for me. This prize would be awesome for hiking!

  21. 63


    We take so much for granted. I must have had one of the worlds heaviest laptops, and I’d add books and other props in it. Took a while to heal from that. Thanks for the tips and looking at all the options and the effects they have on you. great blog post.

  22. 66

    Krysta says

    Having a spinal cord injury and severed shoulder tendon (supraspinatus) I’ve become familiar with back and shoulder pain. It’s hard finding ergonomic purses, back packs, etc. so this giveaway is very much appreciated!

  23. 68

    lisa jones says

    Oh My God I So Need One Of These, Awesome Review & Thanks For The Giveaway!

  24. 70

    neha gupta says

    whenever i wear a heavy one i have cervical pain and it is since i went to school

  25. 71

    Maria Oller says

    I could use one for my daughter she will start college next year and she will have ot carry so many books with her

  26. 72

    Danielle Clarke says

    I usually end up with a back pack full of not just my own items, but also what my 3 kids need to bring, my back is usually killing me for days after we hike or go anywhere

  27. 74

    susan says

    I actually only use backpacks for this very reason, though this one sounds special!

  28. 75


    What an awesome backpack, I had no idea there was something like this out there! Back issues always cause me to have headaches, I can’t imagine carrying 29 lbs. worth of books, that’s crazy!

  29. 76

    Darlene Sullins says

    I had to carry a heavy backpack around a big zoo recently… It didn’t just hurt my back- it killed my shoulders too! I was ready for a back and should massage after the day was over.

  30. 79

    Wendy hutton says

    I recall heavy backbacks very hard on the back and neck. this bag looks great

  31. 80

    sarah jackson says

    I carry a backpack to work daily , I work outside and carry everything I might need during the day , lunch isnt so heavy but the hoard of bottles of water can get heavy , its a little hard on the back for a work day that hasnt even started yet

  32. 81

    Lisa says

    I haven’t heard of Airbac but looks like it solves a problem that a lot of people deal with. Gret giveaway too, thanks!

  33. 85


    OMG where was this AirBac when I was going to elementary school. I think I developed a mild form of scoliosis at a young age because I would tote heavy books on my back at such a young age…I still have the tiny curve in my spine and sometimes have sleeping issues and its great that this product exist!

  34. 86

    cjjmesser says

    I’ve never weighed my backpack but I know my back hurts after carrying it. This would be great for me or my high school aged daughter!

  35. 87

    Pam says

    This would be a great bag to have. I am not a student anymore but I love to travel and this would come in so handy. I have back problems so this would be great.

  36. 88

    Susan Robbins says

    I went on a trip to San Francisco with what I thought was a comfortable backpack and instead it turned so uncomfortable as I walked around the city that I had to carry it on one shoulder which made it even more uncomfortable.

  37. 89

    Michelle says

    I have a bad back from a car accident. I think that this would be a great bag for me.

  38. 92

    anita says

    i have scoliosis so heavy backpacks has always been a problem so i really hope to win this!!

  39. 98

    Kelly D says

    When we go out with the kids I often carry a backpack and if I pack too much, the next day I have back pain.

  40. 103

    Holly Wright says

    In college I had a shoulder bag, and it would absolutely kill my shoulder once it was full of textbooks!

  41. 107

    Crystal Englot says

    When I was in school we didn’t have to carry around anywhere near as many textbooks and binders as the kids do now and I always ended up with back spams from the weight of my back pack. Now I am always looking for better items to help my kids so that they dont end up hurting their backs

  42. 108

    roger simmons says

    I hate arrying heavy backpacks. When we were going to the PNE and the kids were younger I had to carry a backpack and a cooler cause my wife wanted to save money on the $4 drinks.

  43. 111

    samantha says

    this would be perfect for alot of situations, students at school, mothers… great post!!

  44. 114


    I just brought the bags for my kids great and it works also my husband and all of our family also went online and got them protects you laptops also . Call them up they always have something going on . Don’t wait to win a must buy . Great company !!!!!! Lifetime warranty

  45. 115

    Gabrielle W. says

    haha, I’m a total bookworm, when I go to the library I have to force the last few books into the bag…I have always had a bad lower back, so I always feel the pain!

  46. 117

    chickie brewer says

    I’ve never carried a backpack but my adult son does it and it looks uncomfortable sometimes

  47. 119

    Dorrie Turner says

    I just remember how sore and tired I felt after using a backpack all day for school.

  48. 120

    Diana Corlett says

    My granddaughter Marina is starting university in the fall. I would love to win this airbac backpack for her so she doesn’t have to worry about back/neck/shoulder pain!

  49. 121

    Sarah Taylor says

    I carried a heavy backpack in high school and it cause a lot of shoulder and back pain

  50. 122

    DeAnna Keller says

    My book bags were always heavy, they made my back so sore. My daughter who will be starting high school this fall would definitely appreciate this bag!

  51. 123

    Alona Y says

    I have been using messenger style bags for years, and it’s really painful to carry all the weight on one shoulder that way!

  52. 124

    Erin Madigan says

    I recently started back to school to get my Masters and carrying all of my textbooks is really hard on my back!

  53. 127

    lei says

    i remember those days when I had carry all those books from the library needed to do a paper

  54. 130

    Monique Bon says

    I remember filling up my backpack with school books. It would hurt my back & shoulders so much. I had lots of pain.

  55. 131


    When I was in Middle School we had to move between two buildings so I had to carry a lot of books at a time. It caused me mild scoliosis. Anything that would prevent it in my kids is a good thing.
    Kambrea recently posted…#375 | Chapter 10, Page 37My Profile

  56. 133

    Gord says

    I have been in the army as an infantry foot soldier. We have done forced marches with full packs on. Enough said!

  57. 134

    kellypc says

    I always have a sore back when I tote too much stuff around for too long but I need it all!

  58. 135

    April Gray says

    I have started noticing that my shoulder will hurt from carrying my purse and sometimes laptop bag around with me all day. This backpack would be amazing to win!! Thanks so much for the chance!

  59. 136

    Chantelle Walker says

    Mine is because of school as well. The books are just monsters and at the end of the day I feel like my shoulders, neck, and back had just lost a battle :( I’ve learned to lighten up a bit, and on days I need a lot I’ll carry some and the rest will go in my backpack.
    This though would be great!! I would love to give it a try :)

  60. 140

    Bobbie Smith says

    My experience with carrying a heavy backpack isn’t a good one. It caused sever back and shoulder pain, from carrying all of the heavy books

  61. 142


    I feel your pain! I don’t know if I ever carried that much weight at one time, but I’ve been in school for seven years. Got two more years to go, but I am so ready to get these books off my back!

  62. 143

    Barbara Montag says

    I have back problems and avoid heavy backpacks.
    These back packs are great!
    thank you

  63. 145

    melisa says

    My back is compromised, so I barely carry anything in mine, I’m very interested in this.

  64. 146

    leslie roberts says

    I remember walking to school with my small backpack that had so many books in it I looked like a hunch back

  65. 147

    Linda Kish says

    It’s been a lot of years since I was in school but I do remember toting around a very heavy backpack and having sore shoulders.

  66. 148

    Carly D. says

    I was always a short girl and I remember getting picked on for my book bag being bigger than me. I would have loved one like this! at least it would have been better for me.

  67. 149

    JaimeeM says

    I used to get insanely terrible back aches when I was in high school from wearing a bag that was too heavy. 5 large textbooks, three binders, a pencil case, master lock, and my lunch bag and purse. It must have weighed in at, at least 50+ lbs.

  68. 151

    april yedinak says

    I personally never have carried a heavy backpack, but my poor daughter has to. She is in high school and between books, her laptop and gym gear, she must be carrying a good 25-35 lbs every day. When she gets off the bus each day, I swear she looks 2 inches shorter, until she drops her pack.

  69. 152

    Bailey Dexter says

    Wow, what a great product! Years ago I was traveling around with a few friends and I got this very expensive pack, it was so heavy that after a week I left it behind in a small city and picked up a much smaller one. This would have been perfect!

  70. 155

    Sarah says

    I am still guilty of the one strap messenger bags! And of course over filling my backpacks with laptops, binders, and all other work related items. Sometimes at a moments notice I have to pack up my office and make it mobile for the field. I would love to have an Airbac that makes stress on my back the last thing I have to worry about!

  71. 156

    Cheryl B. says

    I pulled a back muscle from wearing a backpack to carry books and paperwork each day to work. I had to move on to a rolling bag.

  72. 157

    Megan C. says

    My company gave me a book bag as a laptop bag and I also use it as my gym bag. Its heavy because of the big old laptop and all my workout gear. This would be so nice to have. I would use it daily!

  73. 158

    Melissa Brown says

    I remember the weight of my books in Dental Hygiene school!! This would have been fantastic! I will pass it on to my daughter who is in college now if I win.

  74. 160

    dawn keenan says

    All of my kids have suffered problems due to heavy backpacks, including sore backs and pulled muscles. This looks awesome.

  75. 161

    Robyn Bellefleur says

    I experience back pain all of the time. This is a backpack would really help me.

  76. 162

    Mel M. says

    I have a bad back now from lugging around large medical books from med school. this would be so ideal!!

  77. 164

    Maegan Morin says

    Im always carrying around a heavy bag… It would be nice to relieve some pressure.


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