7 Ways to Beat Workout Boredom Day 17 of 100

7 Ways to Beat Workout Boredom

I don’t know if you are like me but I tend to bore very easily with just about everything.  So I knew that when approaching losing weight it was important for me to keep it interesting so that I wouldn’t get bored and just gie it up.

Mixing it up can keep things interesting and keep you from just giving up on your goals.  I know for me walking on a treadmill has to be one of the most boring things I can imagine aside from watching paint dry.

The only thing time I go to the gym is when its winter time or whenever the weather gets really bad outside and I can’t go anywhere else.   Even those little tvs can’t keep me interested in walking on a treadmil.  I enjoy getting outside, breathing in the air, checking out the scenery and seeing all the different people.

Here are 7 ways to beat workout boredom so that you can keep your workouts interesting and mix it up a bit so that you can stay on track.  I have done all of the ones on this list to keep me moving forward so that I can reach my goals.

 1.  Buy a new workout outfit–  I always feel better when I get a new workout outfit.  Just like getting new clothes I am always eager to put on any new workout gear.  So get a cute workout top or pants and go and show them off.

2. Try a fitness class–  I use to not be much for group fitness until I discovered aqua fit.  I look forward to it every week and I have gone enough that the people in the group look for me.  Its a nice feeling to be apart of something.  Meeting new people is always a plus and they can help keep you motivated.

There is a little old man in my aqua fit class that looks for me every week.  Although he drives me slightly nutty telling me that I am doing all the exercises wrong I look forward to seeing him.  As a side note I am doing the exercises right and he is usually on the wrong exercise which is why he things I am doing them wrong…LOL

3. Take your workout outsideI usually try to spend most of my time outside doing my workouts.  I even drag my weights to the back porch so I can get lots of fresh air.  Sometimes the change of scenery is just what you need to mix things up a bit.

4.  Try a new machine-  There are times when I am forced to workout at home or at the gym on a machine so I like to try to different machines.  I like to alternate between the treadmill, elliptical, and my rowing machine.    Now don’t limit yourself there are tons of machines at the gym that you can use or you can ditch the machines and lift some weights.

5. Bring a friend–  I usually workout solo for the most part but on Wednesday’s and Thursday my best friend and I meet up to do a couple of fitness classes.  Having a friend helps to break things up and it gives us a chance to catch up.   A friend will also help to keep you motivated because they are close to you and care about you reaching your goals.

6. Dance the night away–  Now as a single mom I don’t get out nearly enough but every so often I like to ditch the conventional workout for a night on the down just to go dancing.  Dancing is a great way to burn calories and have fun with a group of friends or your spouse.

7. Train for the zombie apocalypseYep you hear right!  When I am stuck in the house with just my elliptical and rowing machine I usually pop in a zombie flick and pretend that I am one of the characters and the only thing that is going to save my life is if I get moving.  I use this little trick to do intervals.  When ever you see a zombie on the screen its time to kick into high gear and all other times is when you take a bit of a break and go at a normal pace.  I always have a ton of fun when I workout this way.

Daily Steps

I upped my steps by 1984 steps from yesterday to today.  Check that out its the year I was born!!!

mixing it up

What I Ate

what I ate day 18

Grilled Shrimp in a low carb tortilla and avocado slices


As you can see below I got a little carb, protein, sodium happy.  I am a work in progress I am determined to get it in control.
Jun 4 meal

june 4 total

The Workout

In the spirit of this post I decided that mixing it up would be great so I decided to do an Aqua Fit class at my local YMCA.  Try a new workout today maybe a zumba class something fun to get the heart rate up.  If your like me and want something a bit low impact then workout in the pool is a great option.

How do you keep things fresh so that you don’t get bored with your workouts?



If you want to give it 100 with me grab yourself a fitbit flex and follow along with me here.

The New Flex: Wireless Activity Tracker


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