In Transition Days 6-14 of 100

This post is going to be different than other because like the title suggest this week I was in transition.  My son graduated from Kindergarten and since he was going to be going away for the summer to spend time with this grandparents on the east coast I let him stayed home instead of going to daycare.  This of course changed my ability to get in  all the miles that I had gotten in last week because he wants no parts of walking up to 10 miles a day.

I fell short on my goals quite a bit this week but I still got in some good steps and some quality time with my son during a number of activities and outings around town.  We everywhere from the zoo to the amusement park.  I would normally post my fitbit dashboard screen but since I don’t think anyone wants to see like 7 screenshots I have included my end of week total here to compare to last weeks totals.  To see how I stacked up while in transition this week.

 This week


Last week


As you can see I didn’t do nearly this well this week but now that my son is gone for the summer I will be stepping up my  training to make up for the disappointment in steps of this week.  I of course don’t regret it since my son had a great week before he left.    Check out all the fun we had this week at the OKC Zoo, Science Museum and Frontier City.


A week in transition

Happy Graduation Daylan….

kindergarten graduation in transition

The first day we spent at the Science Museum since we got rained out from going to the zoo that is right next door.







oklahoma city science museum


The next day we headed to the Oklahoma City zoo.  I will probably be heading back to the zoo while Daylan is gone now that I know they have a walking trail with mile markers.

oklahoma city zoo



Our last outing of the week was Frontier City, an amusement park here in Oklahoma.

frontier city


So I convinced Daylan to ride this very scary ride.  Well it went horribly because he spent the entire time crying his eyes out it was a pretty scary ride for a 6 year old but the rest of the day went much better.  I know give me the bad mommy award.  Oh and I rode it with him I took this pic while we were standing in line. 20140529_141519




We were definitely in transition this week but all of them were good transitions.  I am so proud of  Daylan and can’t wait for him to come back home even though he just left. Overall I would say that it was a pretty darn good week for mommy and Daylan bonding time.  Stay tuned to next week when things get real!!!

If you want to give it 100 with me grab yourself a fitbit flex and follow along with me here.

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  1. 9

    Robin (Masshole Mommy) says

    Huge congratulations to your son on his graduation! It looks like you guys had a blast at the science museum!

  2. 21


    I hate to say it, but you could easily lose the hard work you put in, but you will always have all those awesome memories with your son :) Plus he won’t ever forget it, I’m sure.

  3. 25


    Congrats on him going to 1st grade, how exciting! I’m waiting for my kids to be out of school, not til the 13th though.. That zoo looks way cooler than the one in DC (closes one to us) & I want to take the kids to a water park, they would have a blast, as would I.
    Natalie recently posted…Sunday Social #26My Profile

  4. 26


    we went to the zoo a few weekends ago, my 7 year old is graduating kindergarten we started her later do to her special needs and she was in a early readiness program then transition to mainstream classroom with a IEP. Your son is adorable, hope he has fun during his trip, you will get time soon enough and miss your little man like crazy the zoo was a sneeky way to get in lot’s of walking lol

  5. 28

    lawna says

    What a handsome little man your son is. My middle son will be attending kindergarten this year.

  6. 32


    You had a good excuse for not doing as much this week. I would be sitting around crying if my youngest was going to be gone for the summer. Heck I would be crying if my oldest was going off for the summer and he is 17. Glad you spent some extra time with him before he goes.
    Jennifer Williams recently posted…Running 4 Jaxson 6/2/14My Profile

  7. 37


    Loos like you had a great balance of fitness and play – and your son will remember it forever! I was impressed how your calorie burn was still very close to last week, even though the other numbers were lower – nice work!

  8. 41

    Pam says

    I think you did a great job and probably did more this past week than most people.

    Congratulations to your son and I hope he has a wonderful time visiting his grandparents. You will have even more transition when he comes back and getting ready for school in the fall. Have a wonderful summer.

  9. 43


    Wow, you are amazing. That is a lot of steps! I am lucky if I walk 5,000 steps a day right now. Making memories with our children is very important and I am sure you and your son will always remember this fun trip.

  10. 44

    Jeanette Mays says

    I still think you are doing great! It’s even harder to keep up with things on weeks that are so busy especially if you have children. Keep up the good work!


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