Walking for Weight Loss Day 5 of 100

fitbit dashboard walking for weight loss

I conquered Hefner Lake and so its time to move on to the Oklahoma River.   My first choice wasn’t to move on to the river but the other lake nearby required payment and there was no attendant available to flash my disabled vet status to get in free so I decided to trek to the downtown OKC and conquer the Oklahoma River instead.

Now I love my city and all but the Oklahoma River is located in some pretty questionable territory from drunks, to the homeless, to gangs so needless to say I stayed on hyper alert with 911 on speed dial.  I literally took note of what every person I passed was wearing so that I could quickly rattle it off to the 911 operator.  I have watched on too many shows and if I get kidnapped I am leaving clues all over the place.

So obviously nothing happened to me because I a here writing this post.  It was actually a very nice walk and I am happy to report I walked the entire river in just a few hours.  The few people I did see on the trail were in groups on bikes.

I can’t say that I will walk it again alone since the entire time just left me feeling so uneasy but I am happy to say that I at least got it under my belt.  It was definitely a walk to remember!  As you can see I didn’t beat my steps from the day before but 20k steps isn’t to shabby if I do say so myself.

So the week is coming to a close and I started thinking that with pushing myself this hard I have to have some rest days or else my body won’t allow me to continue.  SO I declare Saturday and Sunday my rest days of course I still have to walk but I won’t be going out to any special locations on these days.   I want to reach my goals and I know that letting your body rest is also very important when it comes to reaching your goals.    Monday is going to be Memorial day so chances are I won’t be doing much walking for weight loss on that day either but I will keep you all posted.

Have a super terrific weekend and keep on moving

Here is my what I racked up this week….

walking to weight loss

The river has a trail, park for the kids and even a skate park….


Oklahoma river

Crossing over….

a walk to remember


Oh did I forget to mention Stockyard City…yep during this leg of my walk I got to smell the sweet smell of cow manure….just lovely!

stockyard city


Excited to have gotten this far…I started at the far right side of the map and now I am where the little triangle is on the left.

walking for weight loss oklahoma river map


If you want to give it 100 with me grab yourself a fitbit flex and follow along with me here.

The New Flex: Wireless Activity Tracker

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  1. 5


    Maybe you should re-think your walking route as it does not sound very safe. Please tell me you at least carry some pepper spray or something with you. My husband bought me one that is made for runners/walkers – it has a strap that goes around your hand so you do not have to hold it all the time but it is there the second you need it.
    Jennifer Williams recently posted…Quick and Easy Chicken and DumplingsMy Profile

  2. 7

    Robin (Masshole Mommy) says

    I actually started taking krav maga classes because I went to go for a walk on some preservation land in my whole time and out of no where some creepster started following me. I dodged him, but we were the only 2 people there and I could have easily been raped or murdered.

    • 8


      My mom has been trying to get me a gun because here in Oklahoma you can carry a gun out in the open even shopping you can be strapped. Its like living in the wild west…lol. I personally carry a knife for the most part that day I actually forgot it at home. I would have freaked out if someone started following me 911 would have been called instantly.
      Danielle Stewart recently posted…Walking for Weight Loss Day 5 of 100My Profile

  3. 21


    Wow! This is awesome. The scenery looks beautiful. I don’t own a Fit Bit yet, but I keep hearing lots of good things about them. I might have to look into getting one for myself.

  4. 24

    Tiffany says

    Lol! You are hilarious and your fear of being kidnapped sounds awfully familiar. Haha! I would have been doing the same thing. You probably should avoid doing that alone, though. You are making me want to invest in a FitBit and get out with my son.

  5. 26

    lawna says

    You so sound like me! But I avoid to go on walks around our river areas because I am just too afraid of getting raped or killed while on a walk. A lot of homeless live by the river, not to mention drunks, tweekers, and people up to no good.

  6. 33

    Pam says

    Walking is probably my favorite form of exercise. I don’t walk near as much as you do, though!

  7. 35

    Pam says

    You truly are an inspiration. 20,000 steps is amazing and going where you haven’t went before makes it even more inspiring. You deserve a break, for sure.

  8. 38

    maria says

    Wow!! Taking steps all over is a great feeling!! The walk among nature is a great way to add extra steps.

  9. 49


    Not sure if walking the Oklahoma river was more difficult physically or mentally! I’m glad you are here to write this post but hope you didn’t lose too many belongings leaving clues :)! I am super impressed with your exercise states -awesome!

  10. 52


    Way to go you! I love walking for weight loss. I’m glad you were hyper vigilant about your surroundings. Stay safe friend & keep up the good work.

  11. 53

    Francis Ramos says

    This is great way to loss weight. I need to loss some pounds. I’m gonna try take some days to loss weight and walk.

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