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No Gym No Problem with Gym Tuck

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Gym Tuck is the revolutionary new app from fitness expert Joshua Lipsey.  The app is currently available for the iPhone and iPad but will be available on Android devices by the end of January 2014 and it is FREE.gym tuck 3

Joshua Lipsey, fitness expert and exercise developer has developed a groundbreaking
app that will redefine health and weight-loss.

The app includes 500+ exercises referred to as body weight tucks.  Gym Tuck focuses on targeting problem zones allowing you to choose a “procedure” then the place a bet on how you will perform.

Gym Tuck allows you as the user to optimize the workout so that you will get the most out of each and every repetition.gym tuck 5

“GYM TUCK” focuses on the majority of problem areas most people struggle with
such as stomach, love handles, and butt but also has a great dynamic cardio session,
and balance section for those who want to sweat or work on secondary fitness components.
Each of the 500+ tucks is available for beginner and advanced fitness users
and plans on reaching 1000+exercises by phase 2.

So don’t wait til the New Year to start transforming your body.  Download the app and get started today

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