Mirror, Mirror: A Reflection

Reflection in the Mirror

I went to bed just yesterday and I was a 21 year old sailing the world on a U.S. Coast Guard Cutter heading to different exotic locations but today I woke up a 28year old mother of one working in a tiny cubicle for the government with impending furloughs looming over my head.  I run to the mirror thinking no way 7 years has passed me by and when I look at the person glaring back at me I’m startled because I don’t know her but she is me and I am her and the reflection in the mirror doesn’t lie.

Since going to bed last night I have lost 7 years, gained 30lbs, had a child, bought a house, been married and divorced, graduated college and took a job sitting on my now bigger backside.  I am tired and overweight and it shows on my face and ever growing stretch marks.  Life surely wasn’t suppose to turn out this way.  I was suppose to a cool, hip, sexy soccer mom.  Things have to change I am awake and aware now I know 7 years are behind me but so many more are in front of me.  This day, this week, this month, this year I am going to take my life back.  21 year old me will bow down to 28 year old me because baby momma is motivated.

I want to welcome you all to my journey into health and fitness.  I don’t want to just be skinny I want to be physically fit, strong and healthy.  I have a lot of days to come and struggles ahead of me but I know that it can be done and that with faith I can succeed.

Workout Track of the Day:  Man In The Mirror

Stats:  Age-28  Height- 5’4″  Weight- 156lbs


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Danielle is a mom, blogger and vlogger on a journey to transform her life and body. Every journey has to start somewhere lets go on this journey together.


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