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Weekly Weight Loss Plan Week 6

Week In Review Sorry this is a day late.  I was having some technical difficulties and I am renovating my home office so I have been displaced to the living room.  This past week has been really really good.  I haven’t lost a ton on the scale but I can definitely tell a difference in […]

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Weekly Weight Loss Plan Week 5

Week In Review Last week wasn’t my best week but I have been working hard.  I even tried a Pole Fitness class which was tons of fun but also extremely difficult.  I will definitely have to keep practicing to get the hang of it. The next morning after the class left my body totally sore. […]

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Weekly Weight Loss Plan Week 4

A Terrible No Good Very Bad Week I am hoping that all of you had a much better week than I had.    If you could think of every possible thing that could go wrong in a persons week all those things happened to me.  ALL OF THEM!!! This weeks plan is going to be […]

weekly weight loss plan week 3

Weekly Weight Loss Plan Week 3

I can believe that it is already week 3.  Hopefully you all had a great week last week I know mine wasn’t too hot.  I spent a great deal of time in bed sick.  Winter is definitely not my friend.  Because of my set backs last week I am definitely going to have to step […]

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Weekly Weight Loss Plan Week 2

I hope that everyone is doing amazingly well on their weight loss goals.  This weeks weight loss plan is all about adding in some weights and healthy menu options.  Last week I decided to do a juice fast which I quickly modified to add in one meal a day. Why did I ditch the conventional […]



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A New Way to Snack Smarter

A New Way to Snack Smarter

I recently took a poll of my Facebook followers where I asked them about their biggest weight loss obstacles. Many of them cited snacking as their biggest issue.  I could relate – snacking is an obstacle that I face as well.  I am a definite night owl and tend to snack much later than I […]

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Tax Time with TaxACT

  This post was sponsored by TaxACT all opinions are 100% my own. Tax time stress many of us out so much so that we wait til the last minute to do our taxes.  I am actually one of the rare few people that actually enjoys doing taxes.  I assume that is because I actually went to […]

Post Workout Weight Gain WHY

Post Workout Weight Gain, WHY?

Have you ever worked out so hard you thought you surely have lost weight.  Then you step on the scale and discover that you have gained weight.  You begin to feel discouraged wondering how you it is possible that the number on the scale has gone up when you have worked your butt off. About […]

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Robots 4 U Summer Camp

I recently attended a parent teacher conference at my sons school.  His teacher explained to me that Daylan was doing well and didn’t need to work on anything.  He is reading at a 2nd-3rd grade level (he is in first) and is almost done with 2nd grade math. Although Daylan doesn’t need to work on anything […]

Perfect Post Workout Snack

Perfect Post Workout Snack

So you have just completed a really amazing workout and you are in the kitchen looking for something that will give that after workout protein. You could reach for a number of things but how about some Avocado Ranch made with Silk Soy Milk paired with your favorite veggies. Ranch….Silk….Soy Milk….WHAT!!! Yes you totally heard […]

Featured Image Blog Income and Traffic Report FEB

February Blog Income and Traffic Report

Its that time of the month again.  I hope that the first 3 months of the New Year have treated you and your blogs well.  Fitness Fashionista is doing well and I am ready to break it down for you all what I did for the month of February. First I just wanted to let […]