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How to Maximize Your Time

How to Maximize Your Time (featured Image)

If you read my post about making time to be a better mom you will know that I had a month of child free time over the summer. I used that time to organize a good portion of my life so that I could be able to get more done and spend more time with […] Read more…

Push Harder Fitness Beyond the Gym

Push Harder Fitness Beyond the Gym ( featured )

Like most people I tend to workout indoors but some days I just want step outside and do something different. There are so many ways to get a workout in without ever having to step foot into a gym or even be in side.  I always find being outside far more interesting most times. One […] Read more…

Fit in Fifteen : Total Body Workout

Fit in Fifteen Total Body Workout 1 (featured image)

This is of our new Fit Fifteen series.  Every other week I will be sharing with you all a 15 minute workout that you can do to tone and tighten. You can include this workout in your regular routine or you do it a couple of days a week.  It is totally up to you. […] Read more…

How to Regain Control of Your Time

How to regain control of your time

We are all guilty of saying “I’m too busy” , “I don’t have enough time” and “Where did the time go” .  Don’t feel bad I have said this same thing to.  This lack of time really got me thinking. If it was possible for highly successful people to do all the things they do […] Read more…

A Woman’s Need for Balance

a womans need for balance

Being a woman is a beautiful and amazing thing, but we also face so many unique challenges. Women encompass many different roles throughout their lives and we are always struggling to balance them all.  Considering all of the things that we do, we often put ourselves and our own health on the back burner. As […] Read more…

How to Avoid College Weight Gain

How to Avoid College Weight Gain Featured Image

Summer is coming to a close and many are heading off to college so I thought it would be great to help you all start the school year off right. I know a thing or two about college and weight gain.  I have spent the lat 8 years in college.   Just last year I wrapped […] Read more…

Making Time to be a Better Mom

Making Time to Be a Better Mom

Over the last month my son has been gone out of town for summer vacation and I knew that I wanted to make sure than when he came back I was an even better mom than I was before he left. The last few years our lives have been a bit chaotic since I was […] Read more…

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