No Gym No Problem with Gym Tuck

gym tuck app

Gym Tuck is the revolutionary new app from fitness expert Joshua Lipsey.  The app is currently available for the iPhone and iPad but will be available on Android devices by the end of January 2014 and it is FREE. Joshua Lipsey, fitness expert and exercise developer has developed a groundbreaking app that will redefine health and weight-loss. The app includes 500+ exercises referred to as body weight tucks.  Gym Tuck focuses on targeting problem zones allowing you to choose a {Read More}

Im Free From Wires with Jabra Sport Wireless Headphones


Im Clumsy and I Know it For anyone that knows me or follows me on Facebook and Twitter you are sure to know that I am one clumsy individual. A day never passes where I don’t trip over my own feet, run into a wall or mistake one thing for another because I didn’t have my glasses on.  Don’t believe me just check this out. My clumsy ways don’t stop when I am exercising either.  I took up running and {Read More}

Life With 3 Boys Healthier Peanut Butter Cookies

peanut butter cookie

Let me start by saying I have a crazy addiction to peanut butter cookies. I use to eat not so healthy peanut butter cookies, before my journey, every single day before work. I lived off peanut butter cookies but since starting my journey I had to give them up and I was thrilled when Nicole shared this recipe with me because I can eat them again although I have to restrain myself from eating them all. About Life With 3 {Read More}

Weight Loss is Achievable #Fitspiration


Sometimes we get so wrapped up in the progress of others that we forget that we have the ability to inspire ourselves.   Weight loss isn’t the easiest thing in the world and finding other people’s progress inspiring is a great way to jump start you in the right direction. Today I want you all to take a picture of where you are at TODAY and then in a few more days or weeks take another picture and use those pictures {Read More}

GFG’s Frozen Banana Breakfast Bowl

banana breakfast bowl

Breakfast is by far one of the most important meal of the day so why not enjoy it with this delectable Frozen Banana Breakfast bowl shared with us by GFG. About Gluten Free Gus: Pam is the creator of Gluten Free Gus a site dedicated to gluten free recipes that she created to help her son who suffers from Celiac Disease.  Gluten Free Gus is truly a blog filled with a mothers love for her son.  Gus isn’t a little {Read More}

Staying Healthy While Staying Busy

nusring student

Over the last few weeks my life has been turned upside down but in a good way. I started nursing school on 8/19 and am over the moon about my decision but the schedule has thrown me for a loop. Staying healthy while managing life and school has presented its challenges but it’s nothing that a little planning can’t fix.   So here is the game plan. Starting today I am on a 7 day juicing detox. I am using {Read More}

House of J’s Tropical Green Smoothie

tropical green smoothie

House of J honored us with another delightful recipe.  I so love smoothies, actually I have sworn by them in my weight loss journey.  I love to begin the day or a work out with a healthy smoothie and this Tropical Green Smoothie sounds delish. About House Of J: House Of J started when all of the recipes I found online had at least one or more processed ingredients. It was either diet this, or low fat that, powdered gravies, {Read More}


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