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5 Amazing Foods to Make Your Skin More Radiant copy

5 Amazing Foods to Make Your Skin More Radiant

We all know good food is the cornerstone of being healthy and fit.  However many foods also have incredible affects on your skin. You all know that I have been talking regularly about skincare and tips to taking better care of your skin.  Getting older as well as the change to a season where you […]

Weekly Weight Loss Updates

weekly weight loss plan week 6-2

Weekly Weight Loss Plan Week 6

Week In Review Sorry this is a day late.  I was having some technical difficulties and I am renovating my home office so I have been displaced to the living room.  This past week has been really really good.  I haven’t lost a ton on the scale but I can definitely tell a difference in […]

week 5 featured image

Weekly Weight Loss Plan Week 5

Week In Review Last week wasn’t my best week but I have been working hard.  I even tried a Pole Fitness class which was tons of fun but also extremely difficult.  I will definitely have to keep practicing to get the hang of it. The next morning after the class left my body totally sore. […]

weekly weight loss plan week4 fb image copy

Weekly Weight Loss Plan Week 4

A Terrible No Good Very Bad Week I am hoping that all of you had a much better week than I had.    If you could think of every possible thing that could go wrong in a persons week all those things happened to me.  ALL OF THEM!!! This weeks plan is going to be […]

weekly weight loss plan week 3

Weekly Weight Loss Plan Week 3

I can believe that it is already week 3.  Hopefully you all had a great week last week I know mine wasn’t too hot.  I spent a great deal of time in bed sick.  Winter is definitely not my friend.  Because of my set backs last week I am definitely going to have to step […]

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What Every Blogger Wished You Knew About Blogging

What Every Blogger Wished You Knew About Blogging!

In that last few months I have had a number of friends come to me about being interested in starting a blog. I always ask if they are sure they are ready for that undertaking. As bloggers we all know the long hours at the computer writing, researching and getting our images just right. Its […]

Create A Home Gym for Under 25 copy

Creating A Home Gym for ONLY $25

Many of us have super busy schedules and having a gym at home would make life so much easier.  I know that I said countless times that if I had gym equipment at home I would work out so much more. Having to try to get to the gym while being a single parent was […]

Fight the Signs of Aging in Your Sleep

Fight the Signs of Aging in Your Sleep

Since turning 30 I have been much more concerned with my skin and tend to look in the mirror much more often.  Now I know that we are going to age but I want to hold on to my youthful appearance as long as possible.  Lately, I have been on a quest to find a […]

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Are You Applying Your Sunscreen Wrong?

We have all been there with a counter full of skincare products and wondered which one should I apply first.  Do I put the sunscreen on first or last? If you have done any amount of research you may have found that the opinions vary on the topic.  So lets break it down! Chemical vs […]

Why Weight Loss Won't Make You Happy copy

Why Weight Loss Won’t Make You Happy

  We have all told ourselves that if we lose weight our lives will be better and we will ultimately be so much happier.   This however is not reality.  Losing weight will of course make us healthier but happiness is one of those things that comes from within.  So no matter how much weight you […]

Are You Uncertain About Your Credit Score copy

Are You Uncertain About Your Credit Score?

Have you missed opportunities because of surprises on your credit report?  If so it’s time to stop being uncertain about your credit score.  Did you know that you can get a free credit score from Credit Sesame? It is important that if you want to live out your dreams to know what your credit score.  […]

10 Incredible Benefits of Yoga

10 Incredible Benefits of Yoga

We are all striving to find some type of balance in life – be it work/life balance or balance in other areas.   Since being at home I have struggled with balancing my work/internet life with my actual life. Most people can clock out and step away from their work, but working from home presents a […]

How to Care for Your Skin in Summer

How To Care For Your Skin in Summer

It seems as if winter lasted entirely too long.  I am not at all a fan of cold weather and am so excited to throw on the sun dresses, work in the garden and just bask in the sun.  Of course I know that its important to take care of my skin while out and […]

Silk'n Sonic Clear

Get Cleaner Skin with Silk’n SonicCleanPlus

I survived my entire adolescence with minimum breakouts and I thought that I had gotten away scot-free.  It seems that I had dropped my guard all too soon because my 30’s have brought on some very adult acne.   My jawline has been really giving me the business lately and its making me miserable.   […]

Create Your Own Spa at Home

Create Your Own Spa at Home

We all have stressors in our life but how we deal with those stressors can either make or break us.   Stress is unavoidable but taking a minute to just relax can have tremendously positive effects on our mood, health and overall well-being. This post is a part of the Kohl’s #MakeYourMove campaign which is all […]

Chic Whiteboard

Turn an Old Picture Frame into A Chic Whiteboard

I have been working on updating my office yet again. Yes I know if you follow my blog I updated my office just last summer but it just didn’t have the feeling that I wanted. However now its perfect. I updated literally everything all the way to the ceiling. Over the next few weeks I […]

Staying Fit & Fab on the go Beyond the bowl

Staying Fit and Fabulous on the Go

Are you constantly ripping and running? Do you feel like there are no quality fast food options? Does getting in a workout feel more like a luxury with your schedule? If you answered YES to any of these believe me I know this struggle all too well. I am constantly on the move and very […]