The Journey Starts Here

the journey starts here

First let me welcome you to Fitness Fashionista.  You may be wondering where to start so you have come to the right place.  I have put together a collection of post that will help catch you up to where I am at in my journey to lose weight and look good in the process.  The […]

What’s Your Adventure?

whats your adventure

I have said it before and I will say it again I get bored really easily.  I am always looking for ways to keep things interesting and stay true to my fitness goals.  So when I was approached by Icebreaker Merino to be apart of their What’s Your Adventure blogger event I thought things are […]

Even the Best Plans Change Days 29-32 of 100

plans change

Plans Change Before the week began I knew that I needed to make a few changes to my plan because I was finding that I was spending so much time between my morning workout to the late nights working on the blog.  I had to reevaluate the reason that I was on this journey.   This […]

Counting Calories, No More

counting calories

  I am done and totally fed up with counting calories .  I use to be pretty dedicated to MyfitnessPal and counting calories religiously but it was totally stressing me out.  I know that calorie counting works for many people but I have a ton of anxiety issues and counting calories I feel triggers my anxiety […]

An Excursion in Xersion by JcPenney Day 29 of 100

xersion by jcpenny

Last week was a bit of a bust because I got it in my head that I was superwoman or something and went kinda crazy with my workout.  I ended up hurt early in the week and didn’t do anything the rest of the week.  So this week I had to revise my plan to […]

When Workouts Go Wrong Day 19 of 100

when workouts go wrong

As I continue on this fitness/weight loss journey I am reminded of when workouts go wrong.  I sometimes like to believe that I am perfect, but when I reflect back I realize that perfection is a huge leap from what I actually am. I am sure that its happened to most of you.  Where you […]

Top 25 Workout Songs Day 18 of 100

top 25 workout songs

It never fails I get to that halfway point in my walk and I start feeling like turning around but the one thing that keeps me going besides reaching my goal is a great song.   It seems like when my motivation starts to wain the perfect song comes on and puts some pep in […]

7 Ways to Beat Workout Boredom Day 17 of 100

7 Ways to Beat Workout Boredom

I don’t know if you are like me but I tend to bore very easily with just about everything.  So I knew that when approaching losing weight it was important for me to keep it interesting so that I wouldn’t get bored and just gie it up. Mixing it up can keep things interesting and […]

Intermittent Fasting Day 16 of 100

intermittent fasting

NOTE:  Given some of the comments I realized that most people may not quite understand what its meant by intermittent fasting.  Its not skipping meals or not eating breakfast its about meal timing.  When you sleep your body is fasting.  Intermittent fasting is only the act of extending the fast.  For example say you want […]